Here is long awaited Win32Pad release that should address most if not all the reported issues as well as a couple of small improvements.

Changelog since last release:
+ Added Cut option to URL right click menu.
+ Added Ctrl+UP, Ctrl+Down handling to match other editors.
x Added a little hack to detect Unicode text which is missing Unicode BOM in the beginning of the file. (This should make Win32Pad work with latest Fiddler versions)
x Fixed a small off-by-one error when doing block indent operation.
x Selection start now starts from 1 not 0.
x When you select File->Reload the position is now saved/restored properly.
x Removed the Error during text conversion message that could show up when copying text to the clipboard. This was a consistent problem for people using Chinese Windows XP.


Wed Sep 5 12:40:08 2007
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