Blog online.

I have setup blog on my website. You can access it at You should be able to post comments if you have a forum account.

Tue Jan 16 16:31:52 2007 - Comments

Have a Happy New Year!!!

I want to wish everybody a Happy New Year!! All the best. May this year bring world peace and cures to most of the deadly diseases. May this year be filled with great new innovations and exciting things.

Tue Jan 2 11:13:08 2007 - Comments

New forum software installed

I have installed new forum software after getting tired of the old ikonboard setup. Read more...

Fri Dec 15 13:37:32 2006 - Comments

Personal Blog

I am currently considering setting up my personal blog which would cover some things that I run into or see in my day to day activities..

Mon Dec 4 11:19:28 2006 - Comments

Win32Get status/poll

It seems that people are using win32get and are reporting some problems with it. I am currently considering if I should revive the project and fix up the code. Let your voice be heard. Leave a comment.

Thu Nov 30 14:05:07 2006 - Comments

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