Here is a bugfix release that should resolve some of the things that got missed in the last release.

Mon Sep 17 23:04:28 2007 - Comments


Here is long awaited Win32Pad release that should address most if not all the reported issues as well as a couple of small improvements.

Wed Sep 5 12:40:08 2007 - Comments

Win32Whois 0.9.13

Here is the long awaited release of Win32Whois. It has a number of improvements and also addresses a couple of reported issues.

Mon Jun 18 18:12:20 2007 - Comments

General Update

The new server is being setup and should go online pretty soon. I will try to do releases and announcements once the new server goes online. See the details for more information...

Fri Mar 16 20:16:02 2007 - Comments

New/Updated website design.

I have finally rolled out the new/updated website design. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Mon Feb 19 18:27:37 2007 - Comments

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